Temporary download link script

How can I generate this link (or temporary web page with link) using PHP? Script generates a direct download link available for x hours. Since you are going to handle the file in PHP you might aswell use a login to check if the user has purchased the file, other than that the code. 11 Jun Place all three PHP scripts and file into the same directory on your server Copy and paste the download link into an email to allow the.

14 Jul Is there a mod that can take a download link, and create temporary download help you:

Instead of brightly linking to the file

a secure way to download files without revealing the permanent link. 3) If the UUID and file is valid, serve it to the browser with your script.

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17 Aug A correctly programmed script will not be vulnerable. Remember - if the It then passes this to a temporary download link on my server.

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23 Sep Now you can generate download links manually with usage limit and expiration period. Please check the following list to find the changes came.

Rather than linking to files, link to a download script. This example is for PDF files and $folder is a directory outside the web server root.